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Sardinian Home Cooking Class & Meal at a Farmhouse

Master the flavours of Sardinian cuisine—like al dente gnochetti Sardi doused in savoury lamb ragu and bruschetta topped with bright, sun-ripened tomatoes—during this hands-on cooking class. Learn about typical local ingredients, and then sit down to share your meal along with regional wines at a beautiful country farmhouse outside of Alghero.

Make your way a few minutes out of town to a farmhouse in the countryside, where you're welcomed in by your friendly hosts and led into the kitchen. Immerse yourself in the Sardinian way of life as you're introduced to gourmet products and locally grown ingredients, from fresh fish and vegetables from the market to grassy, peppery olive oil from Puglia.

Then, roll up your sleeves and start cooking, learning to prepare dishes like bruschetta with tomatoes, creamy cheese and arugula, and vegetable fritters. After a first course of gnocchi with lamb ragu, prepare a flavourful plate of scallops with lemon and roasted potatoes with rosemary. Finally, whip up something to satisfy your sweet tooth with a soft cheese-based dessert flavoured with a hint of orange.

You're rewarded for your efforts with a delicious meal. Gather around the table to feast on the fruits of your labour, and wash every bite down with fine Sardinian wines. Bring your meal to a close with a tasting of home-made mirto—a liqueur made flavoured with myrtle—and tangy-sweet limoncello.


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