The coast of Sardinia contains some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world and this is for us Italians a great reason to be proud. From the north coast of Alghero to the south coast of Cagliari, we can find the excellence of our best coastlines that have nothing to envy of the stretches of sand in the Caribbean or Polynesia, to name just a few of the best known areas in the world for the beauty of the their beaches.

In addition to the beaches of the Archipelago of La Maddalena, a true masterpiece of nature, the spectacular sea and the white sand of the beaches of Villasimius and the magnificent coves of Ogliastra, in Sardinia we also find the enchanting territory of Alghero which, with its creeks and its rocky promontories, it also offers dreamlike landscapes.

So let’s find out which are the most beautiful beaches of Alghero starting from the most famous, such as the Bombarde and Mugoni beaches, and arriving at the less frequented ones, like Punta Negra beach or Baia Conte beach.


Bombarde Beach – Fertilia

Photo: skeptic

The most famous beach in the Alghero area, Le Bombarde, is located about two kilometers from Fertilia and is very popular with young people who have the opportunity to carry out a large number of water sports thanks to the possibility of renting canoes, windsurfing equipment and sailboats. It is equipped with deckchairs, parasols and catering services with a children’s playground located about 100 meters from the beach. The water is always very transparent so that, from the shore, you can see the beautiful sandy bottom that characterizes it.


Mugoni Beach – Porto Conte

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The beach of the Baia delle Ninfee, better known as Mugoni beach, is one of the wildest beaches in the Alghero area. Several kilometers long, protected from winds and currents, it has behind it a thick pine forest that guarantees tourists a reassuring shading place. Reachable by following directions from Fertilia to Capo Caccia, it is also a beach frequented by families, thanks to the possibility of leaving the car or camper in a paid parking lot adjacent to the coast. It is a beach equipped with showers and toilets.


Lido Beach

Photo: Simon Q

The Lido beach is the beach of Alghero and is also one of those with the finest sand and the most crystalline water in the area. With a shallow water and comfortable bathing facilities, it presents itself as a destination much sought after by tourists, but also by locals, precisely because it can be reached in a short time starting from the historic center or from the port of Alghero, taking the Busquets or the Via Lido, even on two wheels.

Maria Pia beach

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The Maria Pia beach separates Alghero from the fraction of Fertilia. Dotted with sand dunes, it is very popular with families with small children due to its very slowly sloping bottom; in fact, in this strip of sand, the sea becomes deep only about five meters from the shore. The delightful frame is completed by the large juniper bushes, which offer a pleasant shaded area, and a variety of plants such as santolina and sea lily that perfectly withstand sea salt.

La Speranza beach – Villanova Monteleone

Photo: @MicronesiaIT

This magnificent beach is located about eight kilometers from Alghero, in the direction of Bosa. The beach of Porto Poglina, commonly called La Speranza, has a shallow and sandy bottom with a very transparent sea. Easily reachable thanks to the large car park just a few meters from the beach, it offers the possibility of renting sunbeds and umbrellas and is very popular thanks to the location of a famous restaurant by the sea, open all year round. It also has a slide to allow disabled access to the beach.

Lazzaretto beach


Photo: Mario Mascia

Reachable from the Bombarde beach through inlets, it presents, in addition to the main beach, 10 spectacular coves, ideal for enjoying perfect privacy. Near the beach it is possible to visit a Sardinian Nuraghe that manages to create a perfect union between culture and nature. Jagged like the beaches of Costa Paradiso and immersed in the scents of the Mediterranean scrub, this splendid beach owes its name to an ancient building that had the task of assisting the boats forced into quarantine during the plague.

Dragunara Beach – Capo Caccia

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The Dragunara beach takes its name from a submerged cave, full of magnificent stalactites, which is nearby. Until recently, the beach was manned by the Navy with a building and a dock for supplies of warships; now, in the summer season, it is reached by boats that take tourists to visit the Grotta di Nettuno. At the golden beach composed of fine sand, you arrive via a small road located about four kilometers from Tramariglio.

Porto Ferro beach

Photo: Claudio

Just two kilometers from Capo Caccia, we find the beach of Porto Ferro. Crossing a beautiful pine forest, you reach this particular beach composed of an enchanting sand with red shades. At the end of the bay, two Spanish watchtowers dominate the landscape where the sea is characterized by a considerable swell which is suitable for surfers’ acrobatics. The beach also has other peculiarities: it has very high dunes and a small source of fresh water among the sandstones of its southernmost side.

Torre del Porticciolo beach

Photo: Marco Della Valle

The beautiful beach of Porticciolo, which is found on the road between Sassari and Capo Caccia, is situated within Cala Viola, a beautiful natural setting. Topped by a Spanish tower, located on the top of the promontory, it has a thin yellow sand, a sea floor composed of pebbles and a sea that hides a myriad of different types of fish. It can be accessed by leaving the car in a parking lot and going down stairs carved into the ground. On its coast there are many tourist facilities, such as campsites and holiday farms, which guarantee long summer stays.

Punta Negra Beach – Arenosu


Reachable also on foot from Fertilia, the beach of Punta Negra presents itself with a very fine sand and a sloping, equally sandy seabed, characterized by some rocks that emerge from the sea. It is a little frequented beach and therefore suitable for all those who prefer to experience the sea in absolute relaxation. This magnificent expanse of sand is one of the most characteristic of the Alghero coast. Its impalpable sand and the presence of an important hotel in its vicinity make this bay very popular with tourists.

Baia di Conte beach – Porto Conte

Photo: MC Ildebrando

Located in the Porto Conte area, a few kilometers from the town of Fertilia, this tiny beach is flanked by the protected forest of “Le Prigionette” and is located within the homonymous Regional Park. Protected from the wind, it consists essentially of stones of various sizes. Ideal for snorkelers, it is very famous for its seabed, mostly composed of pebbles and stones that hide very interesting surprises, such as, for example, mother-of-pearl stones and starfish with unique colors.

Punta Giglio beach

Photo: Gianni Careddu

There are many magical places in Sardinia and the beach of Punta Giglio is certainly not for less. Reachable with a walk of about 500 meters that starts from the Nautical Base near Maristella, this tiny beach is little frequented and is surrounded by spectacular pine trees. Punta Giglio is famous for its uncontaminated and wild nature that overlooks a very transparent sea, full of colorful fish.


Alghero is the main town of the famous Coral Riviera; this wonderful Sardinian coast gives all tourists paradisiacal beaches lapped by a turquoise and transparent sea. If we add to this the strong historical impact of the area characterized by ancient caves, Spanish towers or nuraghi still present, we can undoubtedly affirm that beaches such as Torre del Porticciolo or the Bombarde, to name but a few, represent a considerable part of the landscape treasure of the our beautiful Italy.