Top 8 Things To Do In Alghero With Children

Alghero is a popular destination for tourists the world over. Located on the Italian island of Sardinia, it offers sandy beaches and wonderful climate all year round. There are many historical sites and lots of activities to do by the sea and land for all to enjoy. If you are traveling with kids, here are some of the things you can do while on vacation there. Read on for the top 8 things to do in Alghero with Children…

1. A walk through Old Town Alghero

The Old Town is home to some of the most historic buildings in Europe. A stroll through the streets will leave you marveling at the impressive architecture and layout of the city. There are significant sites that are rich in history for you and the kids to enjoy. A must see site is the Cattedrale Di Santa Maria. You may want to avoid Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays if you are not fond of crowds. Construction was completed in 1730, and the most visited location is the Bell Tower. Here you can go up with your kids and view the entire city. Other places to see during your walk are The Museum of Sacred-Art, the Piazza Civica, and The Civic Theatre. To cap off the tour, you can relax by the Bastioni Marco Polo and enjoy the sunset.


2. A visit to Neptune’s Cave

Located at the Capo Caccia cliffs, this cave offers a view of Alghero’s underbelly. The best time to visit is when the tide is low, as the entrance is about a meter above sea level. In this cave, you will get to see different sized stalactites and stalagmites as well as multiple water pools. The whole family can enjoy a guided boat tour through the cave, viewing the beautiful plants and other vegetation that grows here. Most impressive are the columns that rise and form a gateway into a large lake inside the cave. If you are up for it, you can also snorkel while at the lake. The different sceneries that you witness while at the cave form beautiful backgrounds for every photo.

3. Le Ragnatele Adventure-park

Le Ragnatele is just one of the many parks that are available or tourists and the public in Alghero. It also ranks highly as one of the favorite things to do in Alghero with children, in most travel websites. You can attempt the various courses laid out each with varying difficulty, and you do get an instructor to show you how to do it. There are also spaces that you can rent for picnics, and there is a kid’s area with swings for kids under five years to enjoy. If you feel hungry, there is an in house restaurant offering an assortment of Sardinian dishes.

4. Spiaggia-di-Maria Pia beach

It is not a fun vacation if you have not visited the beach. There are many beaches that you can visit while at Alghero, but this one is the best for families. The water is clear, and the beach is clean and full of white sand. Along the beach are various shops and snack bars where the family can enjoy all types of food and refreshments. A bonus for this beach is the presence of the pine trees that provide shade. The water is not that deep, and therefore, the whole family can take a dip. You can rent sun lounges and cabanas if you want a little privacy. Best of all, pets are allowed on the beach, making it a full family experience.

5. Le Bombarde Amusement-Park

If you are not a fan of beaches but still enjoy water activities, Le Bombarde is the place for you. Besides having a natural beach of its own, there is a small water park within it, allowing for all types of activities to take place. Other things that your kids can enjoy while at the park include, riding electric quad bikes, jumping on trampolines and for the babies, there is a kid’s play area. Lots of restaurants are present offering all types of cuisine. You can also organize your picnics and barbeques by simply renting out one of the spaces within the park.

6. Mare Nostrum-Aquarium

Make it a point to visit this aquarium while in Alghero with your kids. It houses a variety of marine animals and fish, all of which are clearly explained by the tour guides at the premises. Some of the animals you will see are piranhas, different types of sharks, along with sea horses and octopuses. They also have a collection of sea stars and cicadas. Other animals you may see around the aquarium are squirrels that live in the trees nearby. The aquarium is easily accessible by public transport, and the ticket price is reasonable. It can get a little crowded though so visit in the late afternoon.

7. The Sea Walls

Located along the coast are the sea walls of Alghero. This area consists of a pedestrian path along the entire coastline. You will see lots of towers and artifacts that have been left over since the 16th century. Of these towers, the most visited is the Torre Della Maddalena, also known as The Garibaldi Tower. While here you can view the commemoratory stone of Guiseppe Garibaldi. You should also take time to visit the Torre di San Giocomo. It houses the old weapon stores and a museum document some of Alghero’s past. Along the pathway, you will also get to see cannons and catapults used during the war with the French. There is a lot of history for you to take away as you walk along the walls.

8. Splash Aquapark

This water-themed destination sits along Viale Maggio. What makes it stand out is the fact that it is a floating sea park. It offers an experience unlike any other with all the activities done above the sea on floatable rafts. Ticket prices range depending on the number of people and how long you want to stay at the park. The basic ticket goes for 12 euros, and the experience is worth every penny.

Whether you are alone, with your spouse or as a whole family, Alghero has the ideal attractions to make your holiday worthwhile. The prices are very competitive, making it an affordable yet fun place to visit.

Written by: MichaelDwayne18