Top 8 Best Seafood Restaurants in Alghero

Written by: MichaelDwayne18

If you ever find yourself in Italy, you must visit the resort city of Alghero. It is located on the island of Sardinia and is one of the most visited cities in Italy. Alghero is renowned for its beautiful beaches and Catalan architecture. Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, makes it an ideal location to enjoy some of Italy’s best seafood menus. Here are the top 8 best seafood restaurants in Alghero that you should dine at:

1. Ristorante Enhorabona

This restaurant is located along Guiseppe Garibaldi, the restaurant over beautiful views of the Mediterranean coast. It is open for lunch and dinner and comes highly recommended amongst tourists of this resort city. Given its popularity, the restaurant is always full, and you are better off with reserving a table before you visit. The menu offers a wide selection of wines and appetizers to suit any taste. Of their signature dishes, the Spaghetti Enhorabona is the favorite. It is not too spicy and goes down well with a glass of white wine. The staff are amiable and speak excellent English. The layout of the restaurant is very stylish, and the breeze from the sea adds to a very delightful experience.

2. Al 43 Via Doria

This restaurant offers an excellent place for you and your special one to enjoy. It is located on Via Doria and serves a wide range of cuisines other than seafood. There are a lot of signature dishes to choose from all prepared by Chef Luisa. They also have daily specials that are to die for. It might be a little challenging to find the restaurant, but the essence of the food will lead you right to it. The low lying stone ceiling adds to the ambiance of the restaurant. The windows are also well designed to allow you an excellent view of the street.
The wine and desserts also complement the meals divinely as do the ever friendly and welcoming staff.


3. Villasole Restaurant

Although located within a resort, the restaurant holds its own with the tantalizing food that is on offer. There is a wide selection of meals for you to choose from, and great attention to detail is given, in their preparation. Another plus for this restaurant, is that you can get to view the sunset from the neatly arranged table. There is enough room for you to move around, and the lighting of the restaurant is just right. The gardens surrounding the restaurant also add to the pleasant view that you get while at the restaurant. The staff are well educated on the dishes and will gladly tell you what is on your plate.


4. Il Pavone

The menu is one to behold for this restaurant located on Piazza Sulis. It features out of this world dishes such as their famous Squid Ink Pasta. The service that you get is also next to one, with the staff always welcoming and friendly. There is a wide selection of red and white wine to go down with every meal. The pricing of the dishes is worth it as you will find yourself going back during your stay in Alghero. There are also plenty of specials that you can choose from, so make sure to request them from your waiter.

5. Al Bisbe 4

The allure of this restaurant is its location at Piazza del Teatro, one of the oldest squares in the city. The menu offers a good selection of fish dishes and pasta, which will leave your mouth watering every time. You should try the swordfish or the octopus, they all are accompanied with well mad sauces to enrich the taste. The wine selection is outstanding and each glass is served to your liking. Another bonus is the main course challenge. The owner of the restaurant also makes it a point to walk around and check on you, capping off an enjoyable experience overall.

6. Osteria Macchiavello

The restaurant can be accessed from the street or via the seaside, offering a magnificent view to its patrons. The staff are well mannered and speak fluent English, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for. The stand out dishes are fregola with mussels and clams, or if you would like a more authentic meal, you can try the Catalan lobster. You should also try out the Pacherri. It comes served with cherry tomatoes and asparagus. Desserts and wines also complement the meals nicely, with your waiter always on hand to top you up. The pricing is also modest meaning you can enjoy quality food and service worth every penny.

7. The Kings

Located in the old town of Alghero, the Kings restaurant offers fantastic views from its terrace. It is ideal for couples on special occasions, and the view of the sunset adds to the excellent ambiance of the restaurant. The menu offers the best in Mediterranean and Alghero cuisine. These include different varieties of seafood and meat dishes that are all to die for. The staff is also very knowledgeable of the menu and will be more than glad to recommend the day’s specials to you. The wine and dessert also complement the main dish, in particular, the chocolate mousse is one that you must try. Should the wind be too much, the staff will offer you complimentary blankets to prevent you from catching a cold.

8. Nautilus

This restaurant offers a fantastic view of the harbor that you can enjoy while partaking of the local wines served. Different types of seafood are on offer and are well complemented with pasta and other sides. A particular highlight is the red prawn served with borgatta pasta. Another dish that you can also try is the grilled tuna served with pistachio, which you can wash down with any of the Sardinian wines that are on the menu. The starter menu also offers plenty to choose from with different fish tartare on offer. The staff is fluent in English, making them easy to understand. The tables are well set, and there is plenty of space, so you do not feel cramped at all.
There are different seafood restaurants all across Alghero, each with its own unique experience. Do check them out when in Italy, for authentic Sardinian and Mediterranean cuisine.

So there you have it, a trustworthy source of the very best seafood restaurants in Alghero!